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HP 90W Smart AC UK Adapter | UK Stock (H6Y90AA#ABU)

Smart Adapter can enhance your productivity by powering your notebook while plugged in,as well as charging your battery so that you can take your notebook with you when you unplug. HP Smart Adapter also features integrated surge protection to protect against power fluctuations that can damage your notebook. HP Smart Adapter helps you save on equipment,power consumption costs and travel.

  • Provides a convenient and portable power source for use in a mobile environment
  • Shared across all HP business notebooks for a convenient, worry-free experience
  • Energy-efficient power adapters designed to draw minimal power
  • Integrated surge protector to guard against power fluctuations
  • Connector description: 4.5mm(F)-7.4mm(M) dongle

Product overview
Provide optimal power and help offset power fluctuations to your HP notebook with a HP 90W Smart AC Adapter. Now available with a new right-angled (90°) connector that reduces cable stress and an optional 4.5mm to 7.4mm conversion dongle. As a replacement or back-up adapter, be prepared with the right connection.

Controlled and efficient flow
Operate with confidence with optimal performance using smart-pin technology and reduce the risk of power surges, while drawing only minimal power as needed.

Connection for today and yesterday
Connection versatility with a specially designed dongle allowing for simple conversion from the new standard 4.5mm connector to HP predecessor notebooks with 7.4mm connectors.

The perfect right turn
Tight access made convenient – the new right-angled (90°) 4.5mm connector allows for connecting in limited spaces and reduces cord bending providing better cable management and longevity.

What’s in the box
90W AC Adapter, power cable, warranty booklet

Manufacturer Warranty
One-year, worldwide parts-and-labor limited warranty

Main Specifications

Product Description HP Smart AC Adapter – power adapter – 90 Watt
Device Type Power adapter – external
Weight 370 g
Localisation English / United Kingdom
Output Voltage 19 V
Power Capacity 90 Watt
Included Accessories 4.5mm to 7.4mm power DC dongle
Dimensions (WxDxH) 12.7 cm x 5 cm x 2.9 cm
Designed For HP 22,24,34X G5;Chromebox Enterprise G3,G2,G3;EliteBook 735 G5,745 G5,755 G5,830 G5,840 G5,840r G4,850 G5;EliteBook x360;ENVY 14,17;ENVY x360;Pavilion 15;ProBook 445 G6,445r G6,455 G6,455r G6,640 G5,64X G3,64X G4,650 G4,650 G5;Spectre x360;Stream Pro 11 G4;ZBook 15u G4
Device Type Power adapter – external
Localisation English / United Kingdom
Power Device
Output Voltage 19 V
Power Capacity 90 Watt
Included Accessories 4.5mm to 7.4mm power DC dongle
Cables Included Power cable
Features Over voltage protection
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature 0 °C
Max Operating Temperature 40 °C
Humidity Range Operating 20 – 80%
Dimensions &Weight
Width 12.7 cm
Depth 5 cm
Height 2.9 cm
Weight 370 g
Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)
Shipping Weight 0.7 kg
Compatibility Information
Designed For HP 22-df0008na,22-df0017nf,22-df0034na,22-df0036ns,22-df0129nf,22-df0138nf,24-df0000ns,24-df0005nk,24-df0006nk,24-df0007nn,24-df0008nn,24-df0014na,24-df0014nb,24-df0014ns,24-df0015na,24-df0016nl,24-df0022na,24-df0032na,24-df0038d,24-df0044ns,24-df0045ns,24-df0048na,24-df0053ns,24-df0067na,24-df0073na,24-df0078ns,24-df0079ns,24-df0080ns,24-df0092nl,24-df0096ns,24-df0098nl,24-df0100nl,24-df0102no,24-df0103ns,24-df0105ns,24-df0107ng,24-df0134nf,24-df0200ng,24-df0305ng,24-df0449,24-df1001ng,24-df1001nl,24-df1002nf,24-df1002ng,24-df1002nu,24-df1003ng,24-df1005ng,24-df1006ng,24-df1009ns,24-df1011ns,24-df1076,24-df1103ng,24-df1201ng,24-df1270,24-df1400ng,24-df1507nd
HP Chromebox Enterprise G3,G3
HP ENVY 14-eb0003nq,14-eb0011nq,14-eb0012TX,14-eb0025no,14-eb0027no,14-eb0350nd,14-eb0357ng,14-eb0376ng,17-cg0004nn,17-cg0012nn,17-cg0014nb,17-cg0019nr,17-cg0155ng,17-cg0177ng,17-cg0305ng,17-cg0330ng,17-cg0511sa,17-cg1000na,17-cg1000no,17-cg1001na,17-cg1009nn,17-cg1011nn,17-cg1013nn,17-cg1014no,17-cg1016nn,17-cg1017nn,17-cg1051nm,17-cg1173ng,17-cg1177ng,17-cg1201nd,17-cg1300ng,17-cg1656ng,17-cg1720nd,17-cg1767ng,17-cg1782ng,17-ch0006nn,17-ch0011nb,17-ch0017nn,17-ch0022nn,17-ch0024nn,17-ch0102nw,17-ch0500nz,17-ch0506nz,17-ch0700nz,17-ch0706nz,17-ch0904nz,17m-cg1013dx
HP ENVY x360 15-es0256ng,15-es0276ng,15-es0700nz,15-es0900nz
HP Pavilion 15-cs3000nc,15-cs3007nt,15-cs3012ne,15-cs3019nf,15-cs3020ca,15-cs3040nu,15-cs3041ne,15-cs3041nu,15-cs3042nu,15-cs3047tu,15-cs3153cl
HP Spectre x360 15-df1047nr,15-df1075nr,15-eb0005nl,15-eb0010ca,15-eb0036na,15-eb0037na,15-eb0048na,15-eb0050na,15-eb0097nr,15-eb0190ng,15-eb1001nn,15-eb1002nn,15-eb1004nn,15-eb1006nn,15-eb1008nb,15-eb1015no,15-eb1043dx,15-eb1075ng,15-eb1079ng,15-eb1080ng,15-eb1110nd,15-eb1174ng,15-eb1700nd,15-eb1770nd,15-eb1775ng

Additional information

Dimensions 12.5 × 5 × 3 cm